DIY Corset/Bustier/Basque Top

Hi beautiful people, welcome back to the blog. Today is all about this top which I am sure you have seen this top countless times already but I just can’t get enough. I am in love. I made this top for my birthday and recorded the process. Check out the videos below.

Back in Shakespeare’s era, corsets were used as an undergarment for women, pushing up their chests and tightening up their waists; and later, the corset became a lingerie staple. Most recently, though, this undergarment has come out of the bedroom and into the daylight. I prefer not to bare all to the world, so I decided to take inspiration from the corsets I’ve seen around and make mine sophisticated, modest but still looks amazing.

This top is a mix of a Corset, a Bustier and a Basque. They are pretty much the same but in general terms:

  •  a corset is a far more sturdy piece of underwear designed primarily to give a great shape by seriously pinching in your waist and shaping your torso.
  • a basque does a similar job but in a more gentle way
  • a bustier “boosts” your breasts. A bustier is a fancy bra-plus-shapewear combo that smooths the midsection and uplifts breasts

I drafted it like a bustier, it’s shaped like a basque and I added boning to give it structure like a corset. It’s a sweet combo, and I love it. I will be releasing the pattern soon so you can make a “Burset” top soon.



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