My 25th Birthday! Reflections and Look book

Happy Birthday to me!🙆Time flies and I am 25 now. Can’t believe another year has gone by – so much happened in 2020. So many lessons learnt, and 2021 is the year to put those in practice and I truly feel blessed (+ another year wiser)! Birthdays are usually a reason for me to dress up, spend time with loved ones while giving me the excuse to feast out. Regardless of the lockdown restrictions, celebration in my house are pretty low-key and intimate and I love it. I celebrated at home with my family and friends eating an assortment of Nigerian food, cake and drinks, thanks to my mom and elder sister! I received gifts and so much love than I expected. It’s the best birthday ever and I feel so happy and blessed. The simple things and the fact that I wasn’t expecting the things I got was amazing. I am blessed that I have such great people around me.😊

Turning a quarter of a century old, is a pretty big milestone and before I had my family and friends hype me up, I was pretty indifferent to the number. But I can honestly say this has been one of the best birthdays ever; 25 actually feels amazing. Every year around my birthday I can’t help but reflect on my life and where I always thought I would be at this age.

I don’t think I had specific goals that I wanted to accomplish by 25, but I am sure they are pretty close to traditional expectations; be married and even have my first kid by now. lol. Regardless, there are so many things that I want to do with my life – experiences to be had, money to be made, content to create, memories to be made, and places to travel to and explore – that I often feel overwhelmed at times, and that I won’t have enough time in my life to achieve everything that I desire to do. But what’s the hurry, life is a journey and every step is to be enjoyed. If I accomplish everything I want before 30, by 30, I will be bored. So no! I will not put pressure on myself, I recognize my privilege’s and I am grateful for them. Complaining about what I have not accomplished would make me ungrateful. So, if you are in your 20’s like me, let’s aspire to greatness whilst enjoying our own journey.

On that note, to mark the turning of a quarter of a century, I decided to make some big girl cute outfit 😚. I made a Vivian Wood Inspired Corset Top from the most Beautiful of Ankara fabrics. I love the colour on me. I also made a tulle skirt to pair with the top. Tutorials for both will be up on my YouTube channel. Here’s a quick look book on the outfit.

I am excited about the next year of my life – including the memories I will make, the adventures I will embark on, growth in every aspect of life especially in my relationship and with family, and the experiences that I will have. I have a lot to look forward to and so much to be thankful for!

How do you feel about birthdays and hitting big milestones? Do you have any tips or advice for me for my quarter of a century/millennial challenges?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day!

3 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday! Reflections and Look book

  1. Happy Birthday! You look radiant! I hope your day is extra special. I love your outfits! So posh, so lovely! And you have inspired me to think about making a special – as in VERY special – outfit for my upcoming birthday – which isn’t until May, so I have some time 😁!


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