DIY Upcycled Wall Art With Fabric Scraps

I do not like throwing away fabric, every piece is precious to me. As a result, from time to time, I have to find something to do with my overflowing scrap fabric bag. This upcycled fabric wall art is quick and easy to do. You can do so many variations with different fabric, colors and even design, the options are limitless! Great art project for kids too!

Materials: canvas, fabric scraps, decoupage /craft glue, tacky glue, acrylic paint

Tools: scissors, paint brush, pencil & easer

  1. Draw your design on your canvas
  2. start cutting out the fabric in any shape as your desire or can fit your design
  3. Start gluing down the strips with the glue; paint some glue onto the canvas than add the fabric, painting over the fabric (you can take another strip of fabric to the bottom and top edges)
  4. Keep adding fabric strips overlapping slightly to fill the canvas or your design
  5. depending on your design, you can paint the empty space on the canvas with acrylic paint
  6. You can leave it as it or I painted another heavy coat of glue on mine, then you are finished!

Watch the video below for more details on how to create this wall art! Happy Crafting!

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