Nothing says summer more than a breezy maxi skirt which is perfect for your beach-y vacations! Unfortunately there are no beachy vacations this summer because of the Covid-19 Lockdown. However, this has not stopped this maxi skirt from making it’s way into fashion this period, especially a tied skirt, which has been trending.

I decided I could not miss out on this train, so I made very very own unique 3-tiered maxi skirt. That’s the beauty of knowing how to sew and making your own clothes. you can follow fashion trends without having to break the bank. I love that maxi skirts are comfortable and stylish, easy to wear and can work for any season. It’s winter here in South Africa, and I can wear my maxi skirt and stay warm if I wear leggings underneath and style with boots. I will be sharing how to style this maxi skirt with you soon…

I want to share this joy with you, by showing you how I made this skirt, with my very beloved Ankara African Print fabric, but of course, you can use any fabric of your choose as long as it is light and breezy.

It is such an easy skirt to make, no pattern needed, as long as you have the patience to gather the tiered, Netflix and a drink can get you through the gathering process, so don’t fret.

Click on the video below to watch how to cut and sew your very own tiered maxi skirt. Happy Sewing!

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