Sewing steps I completely skip while sewing – Sewing Confession

If it is your first time coming across my blog, this post might make a bad first impression. However, do trust me when I say “do not judge a book by its cover”. But right off the bat, I will be honest and say I am a lazy sewist, an impatient one that just wants to see her designs manifest in reality immediately she conceives of them in her mind.

Impatience can be a personality flaw, but I promise you, I am working on it. Anyways, because of my impatience, there are certain sewing steps I skip, and things I do that I should not, mostly because I consider them as extra steps which add to the time between me and my final product.

However, I have further explanation on why I do these things, the changes I desire to make, and some things that I have already changed. Watch the video to hear my sewing confessions.

According to this picture below posted on Instagram by Love to Sew podcast, I am 100% s sewing rebel!

Let me know in the comments below if you do any of these things listed. Share with a sewing friend as well and bond over the things that you both do!

sewing clips

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