I transformed my Iro and Buba into a shirred square neck top with puff sleeves and a skirt. I’ve had the Iro and Buba for like 5 years now and I’ve only worn it twice. I loved it, but I don’t have occasions that I can wear it to. So decided to turn it into a modern outfit that I can wear. I’m glad it came out nice.
The iro and buba (pronounced “ee-roe” and “boo-bah”) are the most essential parts of a Yoruba woman’s traditional outfit. Iro is the wrapper, and Buba is the blouse.

I transformed Iro and Buba (Yoruba traditional outfit) into this reformation style set. Puffy sleeve shirred blouse and skirt with shirred waist band and a slit at first. After a few days, I changed the skirt into a different style.
I wasn’t satisfied with the straight skirt look so I divided the skirt length in half, divided that half again, gathered it and attached it to the hem of the skirt.

I still wasn’t happy because the bottom gathers was too full. So I cut a bit off and placed it on top. And I love it now.

I promise, this is the final look. No more transforming of a transformed skirt 😂.

What do you think about the transformation? Click on the video below to watch the transformation

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