Sewing saved me during Covid-19 Lockdown! : My sewing story

I learnt how to sew in 2017 by attending a sewing class for 3 months. I had just graduated from university and after being stuck in the house for months while searching for a job, I needed something to make me leave the house every day and prevent me from dying of boredom 😅.
Sewing started out as an escape, but now I enjoy it. There’s a calm that comes with sewing and great satisfaction to see and use the final garment.

I took up sewing to cure my massive boredom and as an excuse to leave the house by going for sewing classes. In summary, I took up sewing for my mental health. Especially when Covid-19 and the lock-down hit, that initial reason was once again reinforced. It literally saved me, it was my escape.

Even though I was working from home for a while, whenever I felt stressed or frustrated, I found myself running to my sewing machine to cool down and find my zen again.

There’s science behind the relief you find once you start sewing, and you’ve been reaping the benefits and probably didn’t even know it. Sewing is a creative outlet, but it’s more than that. It’s fun and has some health benefits, too.

 Sewing increases dopamine, which can make us feel happy or interested in something. It encourages creative thinking and enhances knowledge, which can help with problem-solving in other areas of your life, encourages self-discipline, accomplishments, and instils pride, which boosts mental health. It is a single focus task, which reduces the likelihood of negative thoughts and can help fight anxiety.

Finding a creative outlet to express yourself and escape from your everyday tasks and worries is good for the mind, body, and soul. Sewing can also be tailored to fit any skill level and amount of time you’re working with which makes it suitable for a wide range of people coming from many areas of life. What kind of changes did you see in yourself when you started sewing? Start your next sewing project today and check out my YouTube channel for easy sewing projects to help you get started!

Watch the video below to see some of the clothes I sewed for myself from January 2020-June 2020.

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