DIY Pillow with Fabric Filling- Scrap Fabric Project

I do not throwing fabric cutouts after I am done cutting fabric for a project. I pile them in a bag and when it is full, I think of projects that I can do to utilise the fabrics.

Ideas for using Scrap Fabric! Wondering what to do with scrap fabric after a sewing project? DIY Pillow made with leftover fabric and filled with fabric scrap! Do you sew or work with fabrics, this would be a great project for you to make something useful out of the fabric scraps that end up on the floor and then into the bin, and finally in some landfill someone.

Do your part in saving the planet by re-purposing tiny fabrics that you would usually throw away. Use them for other creative and useful projects. Promote eco-friendly fashion!

Check out the tutorial below

In the video, I also taught my little sister how to sew the pillow cover, it is a great project for sewing beginners and also fun craft for kids. They can have fun in filling the pillow cover with the fabric scraps.

Have Fun Crafting!

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