DIY Kim Kardashian’s Expensive Skims Cozy Collection for just $6

Kim Kardashian dropped her “The Cozy Collection” will drop on Monday, December 9, at 9 A.M. PST but since I am not a big fan of the celebrity, I only knew about this last month when another influencer I followed on Instagram mentioned how much she really wanted the lounge wear set. I then checked for the lounge wear on Skims instagram and I was shocked at the prices point.  Just one part of the tank-and-shorts set costs $52, and that’s without the accompanying robe. So, altogether, you will be paying more than $200 for three pieces. I also went to the website to check for details of the material used, and I noted that I could get the same look for less using alternative fabrics like Sherpa , Fleece or Flannel that are just as soft as the Skims knit fabric.

I used 3 meters of soft and stretchy fleece fabric to make my own version that was so cute and looked just like the Skims lounge wear for only $6 as each meter of fabric costs R30, that is $2. The lounge-wear set includes a robe, crop top, shorts, or pants.

In the spirit of supporting each other and saving money, I recorded a video of me making my own lounge wear set. I talk you through the entire process, from the materials, to how to cut the pattern using your own tank top and trousers, to how to assemble the pieces. It is a very simple tutorial, and I hope you find it helpful.

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