Tie-dye seems to be in fashion these days, so I decided to jump on the train and try it out for myself. It’s my first time doing tie-dye, and with bleach! A disclaimer before you start out this project is to use a tshirt you do not mind losing or going to waste. Although I didn’t like my first trial initially, I would admit that it grew on me, and I have worn the tshirts several times. And you know what, the important things with DIY is the process. It should be about the fun had and the learning process, not all about the outcome. So, keep this in mind while you embark on this project.

now, if you want to take your bleach tie-dye t shirt up a notch, I would suggest another in trend style; the lettuce hem and the rushing trend. These were super easy to incorporate into the t-shirts and I would suggest that you give it a try as well.

Check out the video to see the process of making your bleach tie-dye shirt, the lettuce hem, and the cinched/ruching style.

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