Scrap Fabric Project: Fabric Afro Hair Wall Art/Frame.

I hate wasting in general, so throwing fabric away is a big NO for me! Plus I find that thinking of what to do with them keeps me on my toes and engaged. If you hoard fabric scraps like me and are looking for a way to use them, worry no more, I got you covered with this one.

It is very easy to make, the process was fun and stress relieving.

I got the idea from a Facebook group. The person had posted a diva wreath, and it was my first time seeing one. So I decided to google more ideas. I found a picture frame that had a beautiful woman with fabric for hair. I immediately got excited and wanted to make a similar thing. And after days of searching for a big frame, I settled for this small frame, with the hopes of making a bigger one in the future.

This art piece can be hung on the wall, place on the dressing table, be gifted, etc. You do not require a lot of materials. Just a picture frame, glue, scrap fabric and a picture.

You can use this or search for others on google. I simply searched black woman silhouette then you can refine the search from there

up cycling fabric scrap, wall art, fabric wall art,

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