5 Relatable Funny Sewing Memes/Quotes

I was watching videos about print on demand t-shirts and how they are making people money as passive income. It was suggested that the memes should be funny and relatable. I decided to give it a try and see what I could come up with. I’m afraid I am not as funny as I think. All I could come up with was “Sew much ado about notching!”. If you understand what I mean, leave a comment or better still make me a t-shirt with that quote. Its very original and I take pride in it.

Anyways, I decided to google funny sewing memes and I laughed at many of them because they were so relatable. Here are my top 5, I hope you share my same sentiments about them…

Family members take note. I love you and I love sewing but it is a pain in the a** to do alterations!

Lol, this happens to me a lot. When I see a nice outfit on someone, I am thinking of how it’s made and the pattern. I just might be having a conversation with your outfit not you.

In my ordinary life, I would say I am not a hoarder but when it comes to fabric, it is a different story. Any other fabric hoarder out there?

I honestly to not know anyone that presses the pedal with any form of shoes on. How can you even have shoes on? Even if I am fully dressed and just need to do some last minute alterations, those shoes must come off!

No offense to Justin Beiber and his fans, but this machine here is the OG!

I hope you had a good laugh as I did? share with me any other funny sewing memes you come across. Or better still, test your talents and create an original one. I would be happy to print it on a t-shirt for you

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